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Coffee marbles or coffee pearls,

What a surprise i had when cleaning out and replacing my grind burrs on the Mazzer jolly timer.
After a good vacume cleaning and some toothbrushing on the mazzer parts I unscrewed the dose dispenser in the dose chamber, lifted the dispenser out found to my surprise five perfect round coffee marbles… They first thing i thougt “chocolate truffels” ?? what the f***…..
It seams the fine espresso grind accumalated underneed the dispenser as it turns with every click it pushes some coffee underneeth the dispenser via the aluminium dose pokets, as it turns the grinds can’t go anyware so they are turned over And over much like Rolling à giant snowball 😉
The cavity underneeth the dispenser is aprox. 1cm.

My other grinder with a coarser setting and less oiley coffee
Didn’t have them so i think the darker roasted coffee helped them to stick together….. Lol

I know this is due To poor maintanace on my part but still they are beautifull…

I wonder now how many turns/ click’s are needed to create them. So i reset the counter and In 3 weeks time i’ll unscrew it again and we’ll see….

Lessen learned: regular maintanace is a must. : )

I wonder now:
most cafe’s restaurant’s bar’s have a maintanace contract for their espresso machine’s, they come by 4 times a year to replace; screens, filter baskets, group rings, etc and check pump funtion, temperature and some times even the grind settings and dose amount 😮 …
But never have i seen them replace grindburs, clean grinders etc. still they charge about €300 To €400 per year for maintanace…..
Only those who really care about coffee quality and freshness do their daily/weekly maintanace or replace parts To get the max out of their coffee.
Common knowlidge on maintanace or cleaning are below par for may establishments.
It would be great to see espresso machine suppliers supply maintanance list and cleaning guides with their machines as this would solve some basic coffee quality for many places Selling espresso coffee.
(more pics soon on flickr)
Mr. yirgachief


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