Next tuesday I have the opportunity to fly to Chicago. I’m looking forward to it because of the Chicago article I saw in the last Barista Magazine. I’m doing a demonstration on Wednesday evening, and that give me the change to experience the barista culture in Chicago on thursday. I can’t wait to drink my espressi at Intelligentsia and Metropolis!A

As soon as I have story’s and pictures I’ll post them here!



find more pics at


caffenation, one drug one beautiful nation!!! well done guys!

good luck gettin shop2 up and running!

Onno, Jeroen, Friso, Jasper, and many more 😉

Hi There Coffee brothers and sisters!!!!!

A new Blog on-line presented to u by a couple of dutch coffee fanatics……

we team up to give u broad view on the dutch coffee culture and all that is related to espresso and more!!!!

We’ll be busy to get the blog operating properly and will start writing soon!

There will also be a dutchbaristi “flickr” group where we’ll post related pictures !