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Gene cafe Home roaster

some back ground on my coffee roaster.


Bought from: ongebrand B.V. ( € 335,- )



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About Time!

It’s about time! time for another  long awaited post and time to start roasting your own beans 🙂

Last week i got in my home-roaster…… it’s nice!

Its an korean built home (hot air drum) roaster, called the Gene-cafe roaster! the firtst reaults are amazing.

Every body knows the fresher the better so after months of research i found this cool home-roaster and a long awaited dream come tru. As a passionate barista and hospitality entrepeneur you alway’s want what’s best for everybody. I wanted to learn more about coffee atributes in relation to origin and proccesing, evantualy taste and comfort in presenting a quality product. In essential it is our quest for understanding and “feeling” coffee that drives us to investigate the “becomming”of the bean. for ethiopia being to far away (yet) I decided to start roasting my own beans (for experimental use only,not commercially). When i first came in to contact with espresso and the art of preparing speciality coffee, i trained and trained and read and read all about it i could in a time span of 3 years, now withe a little expertise i got about preparing the differtent brew methods i wanted to start and acces a new level of “coffee awarenes” by really looking in to the bean. So finaly i am learing to roast differtent origins and need to learn munch more about it and about categorizing roast profiles and origing specifics, time, temperature, cooling, storing etc.. It’s a faccinating world out there in roasting land…..a lot of info on the net and quality papers written a bout it.from pan or oven roasting to BBQ and home made popcorn roastes to openfire roasting……but eventualy we would like to go for quality roasting so I decided om the small (300gram) Gene-cafe coffe roaster.

With my roaster I orderd five kilo’s of origin green jewels. Washed Kenya AA, semi-washed Sumatra Mandhelling, Ethiopia washed yrgacheffe and unwashed Harrar longberry, Guatamala SHB antigua pastoral, Washed Costa rica SHB Terrazu and Monsoond india malabar AA. because i’m so eager to try them as espresso I wil roast them for espresso shots and analyse their behaivior in milk and skip the cupping theory for just know.

Last Sunday i started my first ever roast and selected yrgacheffe ……150 grams…..250 c…….18 minutes…….

Beautiful procces and smell…..  a joy for every passionate barista……  but my roast was a bit to dark (oops) due to the slow (5min.) cool process on the roaster and my lack of experience : ). Let it cool down and afte4 hours gring it to bits and started tasting…….. a bit burned (ofcourse) bit still a bit sweet! Not all to bad for a first batch!

Since my first attemt I started roasting according to some roast profile’s found on sweetmaria’s home roasting website.

I like darker fullcity+ or light and french roastes (for my espresso). Cool the beans down using an household cooling fan. I grind them with a mazzer mini and pul the shots on a la marzocco Linea v2 and a lever pavoni one group.

So far so good i roasted indian Malabar to full french roast and it’s macig to see the beans transform in to shiney,oiley,sugar coated beans (almost to dark though) if you could only smell them!!!!

I wrote down all the roast times and temperatures( air temp. not bean temp.)  at differente stages of the roast(s). I tend to roast as dark a possible on so i can alway’s eas up on my next batch to experience the changes in flavour and find the “right”balance.(this is subject to my prefferd taste of course).

I’ll hope to post the roast times and some pictures any time soon, for know I must get a couple ours of sleep before a new day cracks!!!

one4all all4 espresso.


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